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We help aspiring medical office professionals achieve the next step in their career and build a foundation of knowledge to empower your success!


Clinic-ology Academy

Learn it. Do it. Achieve it.

If you're looking to learn more about healthcare billing and administration, you've come to the right place. 

The Clinic-ology Academy is here to help you build a foundation for your long term healthcare career success. 

Our Foundations Course is uniquely designed to give you the education, tips and resources you need to excel in your career today!

The Benefits

100% Online

Our programs are designed to fit the lives of busy healthcare professionals like you. Learn from your home or office --

anywhere, anytime!

Learn from

the Experts

Courses are taught by experienced healthcare administrators and billers who are dedicated to your success every step of the way.

Empower Your Success

Courses give you the tools and support you need to reach your fullest potential as a healthcare administrator and biller.

Community Support

Make connections with fellow healthcare professionals experiencing the exact same challenages as you.

The Courses

Doctor in a Clinic



Learn & Empower

Build a foundation that will empower your long-term success in Medical Billing & Office Management!  Learn more about the areas that matter most to your career's success in Healthcare Operations.



Medical Team




The "Clinic-Ninja" course series will be launching this fall and you could be in the first round of participants. We're preselling this course at a discounted rate and you'll be the first in the door when we launch!



Medical form with stethoscope



Lay the foundation to a successful career as a Medical Coder for any practice.  This course will help you hone your skills and level-up. Sign up today for VIP emails and notifications!



What You'll Learn

Healthcare Admin 101

Types of Medical Practices, Payment Models, &

Common Insurance

Claim Life Cycle

Every phase of the life cycle of the claim impacts your daily operations.

Accounts Receivable

Denials Management, Explanation of Benefits, Insurance Follow-up 

Healthcare Roles

Common front office, clinical and billing roles on your healthcare team

Coding & Billing

Claim rules, CPT Codes, Modifiers and more... 


Daily & Monthly Processes, Reconciliation, & Key Performance Indicators

Clean Space

Not sure where to start?

Pick from one or all of our courses to empower your next step in furthering your career in healthcare billing & administration.

Not sure which course to begin with?

Take our free quiz and find out which path is the right one for you!

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