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Why Your Medical Practice Will Benefit From an Operations Assessment

As a healthcare organization, you know that annual checkups are crucial for patients. Often used as a preventive tool, patient check ups also save lives. And the same is true for your medical practice.

Just as some medical patients, reluctant to come in for a checkup, put their health at risk, medical practices that resist assessing their operations imperil the entire practice. But it’s easy to put this off!

Your practice moves along day to day. Patients are seen. Bills are submitted, whether third-party or direct. And the practice continues on as it has, surviving but probably not thriving at the level it’s capable of performing at.

That old saying, you can’t see the forest for the trees, fits well here. It takes stepping back from the daily immersion in your medical practice to see how all the moving parts work, and how well they perform — both as separate tasks and within the operation as a whole.

That’s where Clinic-ology can play a vital role. Our team of experienced healthcare administration and billing professionals allow medical practices to focus on the most important person in the room: the patient.

We use proven best practices to streamline front office administration, clinical team processes and billing practices into an integrated operations system. This not only allows your front office, clinical and billing professionals to focus and excel in their roles, it will improve the financial health of your healthcare operation.

What Exactly Does a Practice Assessment Analyze?

The short answer is: everything. While your practice may not show its “pain” in obvious ways, a full assessment can reveal underlying problems that are holding it back. In a field that constantly faces change in every area of operation, leveraging the power of data comparative metrics to evaluate performance and guide your operational decision-making is crucial.

These are the essential components assessed for optimal practice operations:

  • Patient Scheduling.

  • Pre-registration and Benefits Verification.

  • Referral Management.

  • Patient Check-in.

  • Patient Check-out.

  • Charge Entries.

  • Payment Posting.

  • Denial Management.

  • Patient Collections.

  • Accounts Receivable (AR) Management.

  • Referral Management.

  • Practice Management.

4 Ways Clinic-ology Can Make Your Clinical Practice Thrive, Not Just Survive

It can be difficult to find block out time for professional development in all fields. But medical professionals especially know that just finding free minutes to grab lunch is frequently a challenge. What’s more, many healthcare professionals don’t work a standard 9-to-5 schedule. So, how do you level up your practice to maximize performance and potential?

Clinic-ology developed several different approaches:

  • Training Academy. For front office and billing professionals, our Training Academy provides hours of online courses, plus additional resources, to upgrade skills and development. This is a great way to level up at your own pace and when it's convenient for you.

  • Consulting & Workshops. Our team provides hands-on expert guidance for all healthcare operations. We show your teams how to improve efficiency and prevent revenue loss through best practices, whether through a full operations assessment, a hands-on workshop or both.

  • COO Level Services. Utilize one of our team members as your new Chief Operating Officer (COO) or Practice Administrator, or call our team on an as-needed basis. This is executive-level leadership to ensure your business is on the right track for maximum growth.

  • Speakers & Events. Our team speaks at conferences, team development seminars, industry webinars and podcasts — and can lead or strengthen the conversation at your next event.

In forthcoming articles, we will show how assessments that evaluate the performance of each operation step can provide a road map to peak efficiency and a smoother, more profitable practice.

For now, ask yourself: Is my medical practice doing everything it can to achieve its goals?

If the answer is no, an operations assessment is likely the pathway to embark on.

Ready to learn more about how Clinic-ology can help you optimize your practice operations? Schedule your free consultation call with us today using our Quick Schedule Link here.

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