Our Services

Clinic-ology strives to empower your front office and billing teams to excel in their roles by providing training and support services for patient-focused clinics. 

We provide services from our training academy and operational assessments to workshops and hands-on consulting.  Every step of the way, you will find us by your side as we share expert-level guidance from our team of experienced healthcare administration and billing professionals.

Training Academy

Our medical billing and front office training solutions are offered via our Clinic-ology Academy via our online courses.  These courses provide hundreds of hours of detailed training and resources to empower medical administrative professionals to excel in a job they love.  Our Clinic-ology Academy also offers professionals an opportunity to become a part of a larger professional community and engage in our webinar events. 

Consulting & Workshops

Whether you choose to use our Healthcare Operations Assessment to pair with a hands-on Workshop with your team or you partner with our Associates, you'll find both provide you with the top quality expert guidance that our clients have come to expect.  Your team will learn from our experienced team as we take them through best practices and assist with implementation to take you and your team to the next level of success in your practice.

COO Level Services

At Clinic-ology our clients have access to COO level services with the quality and knowledge needed for their growth.  Our fractional COO level services allow a client to utilize members of our team as a Chief Operating Officer (COO) on a part-time or as-needed basis. We are there to provide hands-on guidance, expertise, and executive-level leadership to help your business avoid business model roadblocks and ensure your business is on the right strategic and operational track for maximum growth.

Operations Consulting

Once a strategic and organization plan is developed, operations must adapt to allow those plans to be achieved. At Clinic-ology, we work with you to identify current workflows and determine what changes are needed within your operations. We can also help manage that change in a way that supports your team and prevents burnout and overwhelm.

Once operations are optimized, sustainability is paramount.  We can guide you through the process improvement stages in which you will learn to consistently evaluate your workflows and how to pivot when needed. You will learn how to track results, identify trends, and how to have the right people and processes in place to allow optimal workflows to continue long term.

Speakers & Events

Our team can often be found speaking at conferences, industry webinars, team development seminars and even on your favorite podcast.  We're happy to join in on the conversation at your next event or you can even connect with us one of our upcoming Clinic-ology webinars.  If you're interested in booking us for your next event, reach out via email today. 

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